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Who makes a good executor of an estate? 

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Estate Planning

You should feel safe knowing that your estate will be properly managed after you pass. That’s why assigning your estate to the right executor can ensure everything is handled correctly. You will need an executor to handle your estate after your passing.

Knowing if your executor is the right person for the job can ensure your friends and family get the inheritance they deserve. Here are the qualities that a good executor should have:

An executor should be professional

You may want someone who can uphold their role in a professional manner. That means they should act appropriately when the time comes, treating everybody involved in your estate with both respect and compassion. They may need to handle several forms of documents to secure and upkeep your estate, so they should also be reasonably savvy about such things.

An executor should be timely 

Death can come at any time and an executor should be prepared. They may have to act swiftly to take control of your estate and ensure everything is protected. 

An executor should be informed

There may be a lot in your estate and the executor should know everything involved. If you have multiple cars, homes or valuables then your executor may need to know where everything is located and secure it all immediately. 

An executor should be communicative 

Nothing will ever get done if an executor fails to communicate what’s happening with your estate. They may have to reach out to your friends and family who may inherit part of your estate. 

This is a time of mourning for many people and your executor should understand that. That’s why they may need to understand the emotional weight that comes with death. They may need to console your friends and family to ensure the grieving process isn’t worsened. 

There are many qualities that can determine if you choose the right executor. Ensuring you picked the right person can be a lot of work. In the end, it saves your family and friends a whole lot of trouble.