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Why blue-collar professionals need expanded estate plans

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2022 | Estate Planning

Mississippi has a lot of blue-collar workers. From construction professionals to those in oil and gas extraction, many people support themselves and their families by performing physically-demanding work. 

Most of these professionals might take for granted that their families will have adequate support if they ever have an emergency on the job. After all, employers typically have to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Beyond just thinking about the immediate risks of a job injury, blue-collar professionals would also benefit from creating expanded estate plans. 

A basic plan won’t protect you in an emergency

If all you have is a will naming a guardian for your child and recipients for your property, an incident like a fall from a serious height or a car crash on the job could leave you without proper support. Unless you have a spouse to speak on your behalf or special estate planning documents, a medical emergency could cause major financial upheaval and leave you with no one to provide instructions to the doctors about your care. 

You can grant someone other than your spouse the power to handle medical issues and financial matters in an emergency. Anyone over the age of eighteen would benefit from adding powers of attorney to their estate plans, but those in more dangerous professions have an extra need for such protection. 

Advance medical directives can also be a smart choice, as they give you a place to thoroughly explain your medical wishes about the treatment you may receive. When you create advance directives and power of attorney documents before a medical emergency, you have the comfort that comes with knowing your family will have guidance when acting on your behalf and you will have protection because there are those who know your wishes and have the ability to follow them. 

Estate planning is a valuable process for people in many different circumstances, including those in high-risk professions.